Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Each year, outstanding graduating high school seniors, 25 each from Waterford Kettering and Mott High Schools, are honored by the Waterford Foundation in recognition of their achievements in academics, leadership, and citizenship.

Waterford Mott High School 2018 Select Fifty

First Row (l to r) Kate Petsch, Katie Osika, Brooke Klimek, Megan Kowal, Kathryn Hurt, Rachel Fox, Maya Bourque. Second Row (l to r) Mrs. Adams, Counselor, Mr. Riggs, Principal, Ryan Wojcik, Emily Huff, Karalee Kokeny, Marissa Lossia, Rachel Bednarz, Maritza Diaz, Allison Tuohy. Third Row (l to r) Noah Scyzoryk, Michael Hardie, Dawson Comps Jr., Kyle Dennis, Matthew Kallabat, Colin Lawson. Fourth Row Stair (top to bottom) Dani White, Matthew Scally, Andrew Hung, Marco Guerra Gonzalez, and Benjamin Goss.

Select 50 Mott 2018

Waterford Kettering High School 2018 Select Fifty

First Row (l to r) Ellen Wright, Alexis Champagne, Samantha Webb, Marissa Brady, Abbey Henrikson, Madison Krumins, and Taylor Craft. Second Row (l to r) Noah Dunsmore, Calvin Habba, Victoria VanderVelde, Jessica Mercier, Kaitlyn Piggott, Alexis Weston, Sean Stanisz, Ian Lukas, Debra Cooper, Principal, and Ryan Moore, Counselor. Third Row (l to r) Joshua Dufort, Jeremy Carver, Matthew Ross, Alexander Graunstadt, and Joseph Krompatic. Fourth Row Stair (top to bottom) Reno Bunce, Jacob Cristofori, Robert Patten, and Riley O'Bryan.

Kettering Select 50