Waterford STEM Academy is open to 9th - 12th grade students beginning with the 2017-2018 school year. Students will engage in real-world, project based learning experienes that integrate science, technology and mathematics using innovative methods. Students will train to learn and work within a team-based structure. The projects and problems that students work to find solutions to will range from predetermined challenges to industry driven partnerships.

This course meets the eligibility criteria toward earth science, physics and or a science elective, algebra I, geometry, algebra II and/or the fourth credit in mathematics along with a STEM academic center period which will afford students a three-hour block of time at the STEM Academy. STEM students will work with and learn from business partners who help them solve real work problems which can vary from year to year, state of the art facility comprised of classroom areas, presentation areas, and space for project development.

Enrollment is by application only. Applications can be received through your school counselors or through the link below.

2017-2018 STEM Application