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Welcome to the Waterford Senior Center. Welcome to a celebration of aging. The Senior Center is a division of the Waterford School District but works very closely with Waterford Township, Area Agency on Aging 1B, and its members. The mission of the Waterford Senior Center is to provide a focal point in the Waterford community for services, programs and activities associated with vital aging.

The Waterford Senior Center offers something for everyone! Whether you are looking for a recreational activity or a human service program, we encourage all Waterford seniors to stop by and take a look at what the Center has to offer. Find out the latest news and information by reviewing the Waterford Senior News section below.

Donors and Gifts

Donors and Gifts
Private support involves gifts given to the Waterford Senior Center by people who are committed to supporting the members and the community. Our thanks to those donors whose generosity helps us recognize, fund, create, and provide innovative programs for our seniors. Motivations for giving are varied. Many individuals view their support as a means of accomplishing personal goals. Some give simply because they view their support as a good investment. Others value the services, programs, and activities  associated with the Waterford Senior Center.

Perhaps your motivation is to:
-Remember someone you love or respect.
-Maintain an interest in your community.
-Demonstrate your leadership and support for the Waterford Senior Center.
-Support your financial or estate planning through philanthropic tax advantages.

You too can provide support by giving to the Waterford Senior Center.

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