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Waterford voters overwhelmingly approved a $100 million dollar bond proposal that will address critical needs including capital improvements such as roofs, boilers, and heating/cooling systems, remodeling, technology, and new construction within the Waterford School District.

Through a community and parent-driven bond campaign, the Citizen’s Advisory Committee shared information with the public and swayed voters to support the no tax rate increase bond proposal. The no tax rate increase was possible because of a stronger economy, new residential and commercial development, refinancing existing bonds with a lower interest rate, and increased property values in Waterford. The proposal passed by nearly 30 percentages points, with 13,394 voting in favor. The bonds will be sold in increments of $20 million dollars over a five year period. Projects will be prioritized by administration and the Waterford Board of Education. Projects began in 2017.

Summer 2018 Bond Projects

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