Cheryl Pocius, Principal
Lori Kerr, Office Manager
   Cheryl Pocius
   Lori Kerr
   Office Manager

Dear Schoolcraft Famlilies,

On behalf of the staff, I welcome you to Schoolcraft Elementary, home of the Schooners! I am proud to be a part of this special community of dedicated and caring staff, supportive parents, and imaginative and spirited students. Schoolcraft is a wonderful place where students thrive academically and social-emotionally as a result of partnerships formed with all stakeholders.

High expectations for learning are held by staff, parents and community members. As a result, Schoolcraft students have realized achievement gains that are consistently at or above state averages on state and local assessments. Staff promotes student engagement in learning by working along-side each child to establish individual goals based on data. As a result, students are an integral part of creating learning goals and monitoring their progress toward identified benchmarks.

Schoolcraft students have participated in programs that promote healthy living and teach prosocial social-emotional skills and problem solving. In partnership with Wayne State University and parents, our staff prioritized physical activity and healthy snacking throughout each school day through the Building Healthy Schools grant. With this, students were educated on the importance of daily exercise and eating a balanced diet. In partnership with the Oakland Mediation Center, staff instructs a committee of student leaders on strategies to mediate conflict with peers through the Peers Making Peace grant. As a result, staff facilitates student leaders in their implementation of protocols with students in need of support in solving real-life challenges.

Schoolcraft has recently increased student access to technology with the addition of computers in classrooms and the media center, and lap top computers. In addition, increased infrastructure has been upgraded to improve efficiency in utilizing technology throughout the school. Staff utilizes technology as a resource to extend and enrich student learning.

Schoolcraft Elementary is a warm and inviting place where parents and community members partner with staff to honor and cherish every student. Together we help each child realize his/her unique strengths and talents in a nurturing and caring school community.


Cheryl Pocius