Superintendent Letters

On August 10, the Board of Education unanimously approved the Waterford School District COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, including a district-wide remote start on August 31. The remote start is currently set for ten weeks, with a five-week evaluation mark. This decision was not taken lightly. For weeks WSD leadership and our Board of Education have carefully considered current statistics, National, State and County guidelines, and the input of our stakeholders.

We truly appreciate our students, parents, and staff members that expressed their hopes and concerns at both Board meetings and through email, phone calls, and social media. It proves just how passionate we are about our children's safety and education. I know that there were differing opinions and that there is no perfect answer for everyone; however, I do know that we are making the best decision we can with the knowledge we have. My goal is to offer in-person instruction as soon as it is safe.

With this new information, we want to allow our families the chance to change their initial selections for in-person/remote learning or the Waterford Virtual Academy. We ask all families, whether they intend to change their decision or not, to login to MiStar and finalize their selection. Attached are directions on how you can complete the selection process. Please be sure to do so by noon on August 14. If you do not make a selection, you will default to in-person/remote learning.

When finalizing your decision, please note the following:
• All teachers, both remote and WVA, will still be Waterford teachers.
• Meals will still be available for all students.
• Devices and connectivity are still available to families that need one or both. Your previous technology submissions are being processed. If you did not submit your request yet, please email
• There will be limited childcare opportunities offered. More information will be shared this week. Due to the daily remote learning schedule, students in childcare will need to be enrolled in the WVA.
• Information regarding school supply distribution will be shared at the building level in the coming weeks.
• Details regarding Meet and Greet and Curriculum Night will be shared by each building.

I know that it has been difficult with the changes in plans and the answers that lead to more questions. Unfortunately, our target keeps moving, and none of us has experienced this before. Our one constant is that we will continue to do what is best for our kids. Superintendent Jason Alexander of Beatrice Public School District in Nebraska said it best, "We will never know if we overreacted or did too much. But, it will be quite apparent if we underreact, or do too little." These past several months have not been easy. I appreciate your understanding and partnership as we navigate this pandemic.


Scott A. Lindberg, Superintendent