COVID-19 Dashboard

The Waterford School District COVID-19 Dashboard is the main hub of information for the community.  All data and important information regarding COVID-19 is updated regularly.

Within 24 hours of being notified of a School Associated Case by Oakland County Health Division, this dashboard will be updated to include new and cumulative COVID-19 case counts. Individuals identified as Close Contacts of School Associated Cases will be notified separately and directly, by either WSD or the Oakland County Health Division.

Mask Use 
Per the OCHD Mask Order, masks are required for all students and staff pre-k through post-secondary education indoors. Visitors must also wear masks. This includes athletics and school events.

Mask use is required by the CDC on public transportation, including school buses, per Federal Order (set to expire September 13). 

Vaccinations are not required for staff or students. The CDC, MDHHS, and OCHD recommends COVID-19 vaccination for all eligible individuals. Visit the OCHD Vaccination Hub for more information.

Screening & Testing
WSD is not requiring COVID-19 screening or testing. It is recommended that symptomatic individuals voluntarily test.  

Physical Distancing
Physical distancing is not required but will be practiced when possible.

Ventilation systems in our buildings will continue to operate to original design specifications using MRV-13 filters. On school buses, windows may be opened slightly when safe and practicable.

Staying Home When Sick
Staff and families are expected to use good judgment, stay home when they are sick, and report absences according to our attendance policies. 

Symptomatic Individuals
OCHD strongly recommends individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 take a PCR test. An individual can return to school with a clear alternative diagnosis (positive strep, ear infection) and after 24 hours fever-free.

If an individual does not get tested for COVID-19 they must exclude from school and quarantine for 10 days.

If an individual does test positive they need to isolate for 10 days and can return after being fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. A negative test result is not required once all criteria are met.

Identifying Close Contacts & Contact Tracing
WSD will identify close contacts following the new OCHD guidance. The OCHD will perform all contact tracing. (Monitoring symptoms of those that have tested positive or are identified as close contacts.)

Close contacts are identified as individuals within 6 feet of a COVID-positive person for 15 minutes or more. Not all close contacts must quarantine according to the OCHD Quarantine Guidance. 

Quarantine from classroom/lunchroom/bus exposure:
Individuals within 3 feet of the COVID-positive case, regardless of mask use Individuals between 3 and 6 feet where both are not properly masked

Quarantined individuals must quarantine for 10 days from last date of exposure as long as they do not develop symptoms. Quarantine time maybe shortened if a PCR test on the 7th day from exposure has a negative result.

Individuals fully vaccinated (14 days past second dose) or those that have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days and are not showing symptoms are exempt from quarantine.

Those quarantined due to exposure in the home may have a longer quarantine period.  If the individual cannot isolate from the COVID-positive person they must quarantine for that person’s 10 contagious days and then their 10 quarantine days.

OCHD Quarantine Guidance

Students and staff that test positive for COVID-19 must isolate for at least 10 days after symptoms began and 24 hours after no fever without fever-reducing medications and symptoms have improved.

At this time, the MDHHS requires school districts to continue to report school-associated cases of COVID-19 within 24 hours after being notified by the local health department.  Please visit the 2021-2022 WSD COVID-19 Dashboard for regularly updated information.

Notification will be similar to last year, WSD will directly notify close contacts that they must quarantine due to close contact. A building letter will be sent out building-wide after a positive case is reported.

Cleaning & Disinfection
Standard daily cleaning protocols will be followed using products approved by the CDC to be effective against the COVID-19 virus.

School Day
Desks and other students working areas will to be at least 3 feet apart when possible. WSD will allow normal flow of traffic between classes, use of lockers, and unrestricted recesses.

Building Visitors
At this time, visitors will not be allowed in classrooms. It is encouraged that those visiting our offices schedule an appointment when possible.

Large Indoor Gatherings
All assemblies and large gatherings will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Seating Charts
Buses and lunchrooms (elementary & middle school) will maintain seating charts.

Return to In-Person Instruction Guidebook
Return to In-Person Instruction Guidebook - Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions:

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