2020 Strategic Plan

child holding globe imageThe Board of Education and the Administration are launching an initiative to guide the Waterford School District through a three to five year Strategic Plan. The purpose of this initiative is to help the district develop new goals and strategies to ensure its students continue to receive an excellent education.

Stakeholder feedback is an essential part of the planning process. Community members, parents, students, teachers, and all district staff members will have the opportunity to give input on the strengths of the district, opportunities for improvement, barriers for implementation, and their vision for the district.

Stakeholder input, along with essential district data, provides the basis for the district to choose approximately five priority goals to be implemented over the next three to five years.

The benefits of the strategic planning process are many. Most notable are:

  • It provides integrated, valuable input from community and staff.
  • It presents a succinct picture of the district’s current status.
  • It sets focused strategic goals that identify target areas to improve student achievement.
  • It clearly delineates the role of the Board of Education and the superintendent/staff in strategic planning.
  • It uses data to set goals and make critical decisions.
  • It helps identify areas to allocate increasingly scarce resources.
  • It aligns Board priorities with school improvement processes.

Michael Ristich, the Waterford School District Board of Education President, stated, "Strategic planning is an exciting opportunity for us to gather data, listen to our stakeholders, and collaborate around a common vision. As a Board of Education, we are eager to start the process and push our district forward."

Debbie Stair, Board Development Manager from the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB), will work with the Waterford School District for the next three months to complete the Strategic Plan. Stair said, "The Waterford School District and MASB have worked together to design a customized process that ensures broad stakeholder involvement and will result in an effective Strategic Plan implementation."

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For more information, please contact the Director of Communications and Community Relations Kelly Allen at (248) 706-4867 or at allenk01@wsdmi.org.