Students Mentoring Students

Waterford Kettering and Mott student athletes mentor Schoolcraft Elementary students

Beaumont Friends

Beaumont Elementary students enjoy friendships that will last a lifetime

Durant High School Graduates

Durant High School students earned their diplomas and celebrated their success

Grayson Students Jump with Jill

Nationally-acclaimed nutrition rock show Jump with Jill makes a stop to share nutrition education with Grayson students

Donelson Hills Students Get Creative

Donelson Hills students create stories and act them out with Brainstormers creative writing and performing group

Houghton Lego Robotics Club

Houghton Lego Robotics Club students learn to assemble and program Lego Mindstorm robots

Mott DECA Students Represent Waterford

Twenty-eight students presented projects and solved business problems in several industry and career areas earning eight medals

Kindergarten Enrollment is Happening Now!

Call Central Enrollment at 248.681.2076 for more information!

Kettering DECA District 6 Competitors

Kettering DECA members awarded 16 medals from Career Development Conference

Youth Work Program

Paid work experience for youth ages 16-21 years of age. Call the Waterford Career Center at 248.682.0680.

Every Day Counts!

For more information on the attendance policy contact your child's school or the Waterford Success Program at 248.682.1086

Kindergarten Enrollment
Kindergarten enrollment is happening now! Children must be five years old by September 1, 2015 to enroll in kindergarten. Please contact Central Enrollment at 248.681.2076 between 8:00am-3:00pm for more information! Take a look at our video that highlights a typical day for kindergarten students.