Waterford Foundation Teacher of the Year

Schoolcraft Elementary Teacher Meghan Macy was named 2015 Waterford Foundation Teacher of the Year

Spring Season in Full Swing

Mott Varsity Softball Team participated in the Dragon Softball Invite and secured second place

Edible Schoolyard Community Support

Join us this summer as we grow fresh, organic vegetables for the USDA FREE Summer Food Program. Volunteers email scs@wsdmi.org

FREE Preschool!

Your child may be eligible. Visit us at our open house on Saturday, March 28, 10am-Noon. CAll 248.666.9593 today!

Haviland Students Jump with Jill

Nationally-acclaimed nutrition rock show Jump with Jill makes a stop to share nutrition education with Haviland students

Students Learn About Living Things

Kindergarten students are participating in a unique, joint educational experience with the Detroit Zoo

Students Debate Real Issues

Superintendent John Silveri served as guest moderator during a student debate at Cooley Elementary School

Youth Work Program

Paid work experience for youth ages 16-21 years of age. Call the Waterford Career Center at 248.682.0680.

Every Day Counts!

For more information on the attendance policy contact your child's school or the Waterford Success Program at 248.682.1086

We are the Waterford School District
Each and every one of our Waterford schools is a great place for your child to receive their education! The Waterford School District offers instructional programming and services to meet the needs of all students. To learn more take a look at our video which highlights the great things happening in our District!