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September 16, 9:00am, Crary Campus, 501 N. Cass Lake Road, 248.706.4862

School Begins Tuesday, September 8

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Competitive Robotics for Students

Do you have an elementary student interested in engineering, technology, science, and robotics? REGISTER TODAY!

Students Learn Awesome Dance Moves

Waterford elementary students attended Kettering Dance Team clinic and will perform at upcoming football game

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Pierce 6th Grade Early Start

Nearly 300 6th grade students attended Pierce MIddle School's early start and were linked with 8th grade leaders

Welcome to Mason

Mason Middle School 8th grade W.E.B. Leaders began building relationships with incoming 6th grade students

Mott's Band Creates New Halftime Show

Waterford Mott Marching Band works to create one wicked Broadway half time show for the new school year

Student Council Summer Meeting

Kettering Student Council meets to discuss, plan and organize for the upcoming school year with a host of events/activities

Immunization Requirements

Required for kindergarten, seventh grade, & new students. Waivers must be certified by Oakland County Health Division. 248.858.1280

FREE Preschool!

Your child may be eligible. CAll 248.666.9593 today!

Every Day Counts!

For more information on the attendance policy contact your child's school or the Waterford Success Program at 248.682.1086

Kindergarten Zoo Visit
Kindergarten students in Waterford use writing as a tool to learn math and science concepts. Science and math lessons are specifically designed to include opportunities for students to express what they have learned in writing. Students transferred their writing skills from the classroom to a unique real world experience at the Detroit Zoo. This experience has been developed by Waterford School District and Detroit Zoo educators to engage students in writing while visiting the zoo.