Haviland Elementary Alerts

COVID-19 Learning Update

Due to increased COVID-19 cases and the number of students quarantined at our secondary schools, students grade six through twelve (including Lifetracks and Kingsley Montgomery), will return to remote learning effective April 12 through April 16, 2021. Students taking the PSAT and SAT will receive information regarding the new test dates in the near future.

Due to the recent extension of close contact quarantine from 10 to 14 days, all WSD elementary teachers will allow quarantined students the opportunity to join their classroom via Google Meet for Morning Meeting, Math, and English and Language Arts beginning April 12, 2021.

Beaumont and Grayson Elementary School commnities have returned to remote learning for the week of April 12, 2021.

Complete Details: 4.9.2021 Superintendent Letter

December’s Teacher Interventionist of the Month Award goes to Hannah Dadles from Haviland Elementary. Ms. Dadles has been teaching ASD students for several years, at Haviland Elementary.

Welcome to Haviland Elementary

We strive to empower and educate our students for their future in all academic and personal endeavors. We hold high standards for our students and focus our efforts on student achievement across all curricular areas. Our staff is committed to working collaboratively in professional learning communities to improve instructional practices.

Haviland Elementary School

5305 Cass Elizabeth Rd.
Waterford, MI 48327
Phone: 248.682.2620
Fax: 248.738.4798

Elementary Principal

Michelle Sullivan


Kimberly Wyatt

School Overview

Haviland Elementary School is a Junior Kindergarten through 5th grade building which combines a strong academic program and extra-curricular activities. The Michigan Department of Education has designated Haviland Elementary as a Michigan Blue Ribbon Exemplary School which is the most prestigious education award in the state. The Blue Ribbon distinguishes Haviland Elementary for their excellence in leadership, teaching, curriculum, student achievement, parent involvement, and community support.

Haviland Elementary School is proud to announce, with the sponsorship of the Haviland PTA, our partnership with the Positivity Project.  The P2 mission is to empower America’s youth to build positive relationships and become their best selves.  This school year is going to look different and building a positive culture will be more important than ever.   Positive relationships are the cornerstone of health, happiness, resilience, and jobs of the future.  By consistently teaching our students about the character strengths that everyone possesses, will they see people based on the content of their character.   This ability will enhance their self-awareness, self-confidence, understanding and appreciation of others, and interpersonal relationships which will positively influence our students individually and collectively.

This philosophy aligns nicely with our Haviland Shared Mission:

At Haviland, we will encourage positive, kind, and respectful relationships in our community.  We will empower our students to grow socially, emotionally and to value learning, so they can be their best selves in a diverse world.

Let it begin with us!

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