Website Compliance Form

This form is specific to constructive questions or concerns regarding the Waterford School District public website. Please do not use this form for school-related issues or concerns--those should be directed to your building administrator and/or our Central Office personnel.

Waterford School District appreciates you bringing a matter to our attention regarding the structure/function of our website. You may be contacted if more information is necessary to process your complaint/request. The investigation process is typically completed within fifteen business days from the date it was received. Please be aware this form is ONLY for website compliance concerns. Contact your school directly if the issue is unrelated to our website.

To file a complaint or grievance regarding the inaccessibility of the Waterford School District public website content, the complainant must include:

Your Contact Information
Issue with Website Information
Help for Website Address/Location of the Issue Please provide the URL of website page.
Help for Description of Issue Encountered Please provide detailed information in regards to what information you were not able to access.
Help for Solution Desired Please describe how you would like us to correct the issue.
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