Online Learning Services

The Office of Online Learning Services [TOOLS] offers quality curriculum online to meet a variety of educational needs for our District as well as contiguous districts and counties. The courses have been aligned to meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum Common Core requirements for graduation. With our new online program, students can learn anywhere high speed internet is available. Our program is user friendly and can operate on Apple or Microsoft operating systems.

Students are eligible to register to take an Assessment for Credit beginning in the eighth grade year and each subsequent year. Students may earn high school Credit through Assessment for required MMC courses offered by the Waterford School District. The credit earned will count toward meeting graduation requirements. There is no maximum number of credits students may earn. However, a student may not test out of a course and then take a course which is lower in course sequence concerning the same subject area.

Students may earn credit if they successfully complete subject area content expectations or guidelines for the credit with an assessment score of 80% or better in each section of the test. The assessment will include a written test, and may also involve a portfolio, performance, paper, project or demonstration. Students will not receive a grade for this credit, but it will count towards a graduation credit. Please understand that credit earned in a core course will not be accepted by NCAA for students wishing to participate in sports at Division I or Division II schools. For more information see: -Michigan Department of Education, Michigan merit Curriculum section 380.1278 (a)(4)(c) and Act 451 section 380.1279(b)

To register for Assessment for credit you can  print off the assessment for credit registration form below and return it to the counselor by stated the deadline, scan and send it by email to, or fax it to 248-494-9497. 

Assessment for Credit exams in 2018 will be held on:

  • Mathematics – Monday July 30, 2018
  • Social Studies – Tuesday July 31, 2018
  • Language Arts – Wednesday August 1, 2018
  • Health and Physical Education – Thursday August 2, 2018
  • Science – Friday August 3, 2018
  • Foreign Languages – Specific dates TBD during the week of July 30th – August 3rd

Please contact your student's counselor for more information regarding Assessment for Credit.

Through our state approved program, students attending one of our brick and mortar high schools can apply to take online classes full time or split courses with their home school. Accepted students must have a full course load each semester, with a minimum of three online courses. Students can "blend" their learning by taking courses at OTC, dual enrollment, or Co-op. Students should contact their counselor for more information or contact our office directly.

Students in need of credit recovery may do so through our online program. Courses are available through the afterschool credit recovery labs or at home. We offer many required courses for graduation. Credit Recovery registration open enrollment is from October through April. Courses are open from October to June, with end dates specific to seniors and underclassmen. Credit Recovery is also offered during the summer during Summer Academy sessions. Please see your counselor for specific courses needed. There is a fee for credit recovery courses. Please click on the links below for courses offered and form.

Credit Recovery

Online courses for new credit are available to students in addition to their school schedule during the school year as well as during the summer. Courses start and end in conjunction with the Waterford School District semester calendar. Students sign up for a course prior to the start of each semester. Course fees apply.