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We know how important it is that families are kept informed and involved in their son or daughter’s life. We welcome you to the Waterford School District (WSD) Parent Communication Portal, which provides you with access to important links to keep you involved and informed. Parents can easily access the WSD Parent Communication Portal from any location with an internet connection. This WSD Parent Communication Portal is a “one stop” resource no matter how many children a family has in our school district or which schools they attend.

MISTAR offers parents and students access to important information about what is going on at school. Through the MISTAR portals, parents and students will benefit from having real-time access to announcements, daily attendance, progress reports, grades, graduation requirements, transcripts and more. Parents also have the ability to link all of their children under one account and set up notifications from MISTAR.

Blackboard Connect allows us to personally communicate with parents about emergency situations, attendance, school events, and important issues impacting your child. It will allow us to send personalized voice messages to your family’s home, work or cell phones, email communications, and even text messages, reaching you within minutes!