2021-2026 Strategic Plan


We provide exemplary educational experiences for each student to thrive


Inspired, Educated, and Empowered to Thrive 


We believe in a collaborative school community that values:

  • Relationships that foster trust and respect
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Student voice
  • High expectations
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Life-long learning

             FOR ALL!


  • Academics/Programs
  • Personnel/Leadership
  • Operations
  • Communications/Community Engagement
  • Learning Environment/Culture

WSD Goal Areas 


Strategic Goal Statement: WSD will ensure a precision focus on learning by providing high-quality instruction using aligned, adequate (quantity) materials in state-of-the-art learning environments. 

2023-2024 Priority Objectives:

  • Integrate PBL into math and science. Continue integration with HMH and social studies
  • Ensure at least one PBL project each semester K-8
  • Continue revisions and implementation of new science curriculum at high school
  • Continued implementation of the science of reading
  • Implement new math curriculum
  • Interactive display implementation
  • Middle School Teaming-Year 2
  • Improve outcomes for students with special needs


Strategic Goal Statement: WSD will attract and retain high-quality staff. 

2023-2024 Priority Objectives:

  • Attract:

    • Enhance recruitment and selection processes
    • Implement onboarding software system

    Value and Retain:

    • Implement District Benefits Committee and conduct employee benefits analysis
    • Implementation of Grow-Your- Own Grant Program funding to employees
    • Conduct personnel ratio analysis


    • Foster and support “One Waterford” district culture to encourage staff collaboration and team work
    • Develop effective performance management/evaluation system and process
    • Expand Central Enrollment options to improve customer service


Strategic Goal Statement: WSD will promote authentic community engagement and celebrate our successes. 

2023-2024 Priority Objectives:

  • Enhance/Grow Future is Bright campaign
  • Increase district connection to local businesses/community
  • Continue to implement best DEI practices and initiatives
  • Implement internal and external WSD brand marketing
  • Continue robust enrollment campaign


Strategic Goal Statement: WSD will utilize district data to inform decision-making on allocation of available resources to achieve the District's vision and carry out the District's mission.

2023-2024 Priority Objectives:

  • Facilities management plan
  • Continue with implementing operational efficiencies
  • Bond plan for future projects
  • Update district for security recommendations
  • Complete building of new Stepanski Early Childhood Center
  • Grant Management


Strategic Goal Statement: WSD will cultivate an environment of mutual trust, respect, inclusion, and substantive relationships so that the students, staff, and community thrive. 

2023-2024 Priority Objectives:

  • Continue work with diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Restorative practices/Cultures for learning
  • Improve our new teacher induction program and mentor system

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report