It is the primary mission of the Waterford School District Transportation Department to safely and efficiently transport students to and from school. Our drivers, monitors, mechanics, administrators and support staff are committed to maintaining a work environment that is conducive to achieving this mission. We will always be mindful that providing outstanding transportation services to students, parents and schools is our purpose, and we will conduct our business in a manner that supports our district's mission to inspire, educate and empower our students for their future!

New Legislation to Promote School Bus and Driver Safety have been signed by the Governor
We are pleased to announce that Governor Whitmer has signed into law important laws to increase safety for students and staff on school buses.

Highlights of the laws include:

  • Allowing stop-arm cameras to be installed on buses. Video or photography would be allowed as evidence for law enforcement prosecuting vehicles that illegally pass a school bus. Corresponding legislation will spell out other specifications for any camera usage.
  • Setting a penalty for boarding a school bus without permission of the driver as a civil infraction, which is punishable by a fine up to $500. A civil infraction penalty for impeding the progress or operation of a school bus will also be established.
  • Allowing a sticker to be affixed to the side of a bus stating that unauthorized individuals attempting to board are subject to a civil infraction and fine.

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Parents, students, and staff have available the latest information about Waterford School District transportation delays via a customized software program. Comcast Channel 22, the District's educational cable channel shared with Waterford Township, as well as the district website will display messages when a bus is delayed 20 minutes or more due to traffic, inclement weather, or mechanical difficulties. The message will contain the bus number, route number, and building name. Residents in the community may view Channel 22 only if they have cable television. 

Parents should have a transportation contingency plan in place so students know what to do in the event of delay. 

On rare occasions when mechanical failures occur in a school building or when inclement weather develops after school is in session for the day, it may become necessary to dismiss school early. While this is not likely to occur, the following procedures are outlined for your information. 

School Closing and Early Dismissal Procedures

  1. Local radio stations WPON, WJR and CKLW will be notified of school closings. However, this method of communicating is not completely reliable since these messages are announced at the station’s discretion. 
  2. In the elementary school grades each school operates a telephone fan-out system. Building administrator will activate their school’s system when they are notified there has been a change in the normal dismissal time. 
  3. The order of dismissal is: senior high, middle and elementary schools.

Service Interruption - Hazardous Highway Conditions

It is the policy of the Waterford School District not to operate its buses when weather conditions cause hazardous travel for bus riders. The decision whether buses will run when severe weather conditions are eminent is made by the Superintendent after consulting with public safety and school district transportation officials. The procedures followed to determine whether or not buses will run is as follows: 

  1. A call is made to the Waterford Police Department for its appraisal of road conditions. 
  2. Two or more school officials will personally inspect the various types of roads on which buses travel in the district. They will then meet at the bus garage where all available information is considered before the decision is made to run all buses as usual or cancel all buses. 
  3. When weather conditions in your immediate area make your child’s trip too hazardous, then it is your discretion whether to keep your child at home. The Waterford School District covers an area of approximately 42 square miles, and weather and traffic conditions can vary significantly in these large areas. 

Service Interruption - Mechanical Breakdown or Traffic Conditions

Instruct your child to wait only a reasonable time for his/her bus (approximately 20 minutes) and then return home. 

Suggested Parent Procedures

All parents must understand that telephone fan-out systems operated by parent volunteers in each elementary schools can breakdown (i.e., persons on the list not at home, busy telephone circuits, incorrect telephone numbers, etc.), therefore, it is impossible for authorities to assure all parents that they will be notified of an early dismissal. It is imperative that parents discuss the possibility of early dismissal thoroughly with their children and make certain they know where to go when parents are not at home. 

Please do not call the Transportation Department regarding delays. Phone service must be kept free to handle emergency calls dealing with the operation of the bus fleet.

Look for the student bus rules in the Student Code of Conduct booklets distributed by the buildings or on the district website. Please review these rules with your child to ensure everyone's safety while riding the bus.

The Waterford School District's Student Code of Conduct Rules, regulations, and Disciplinary Guidelines for Student Misconduct are in effect while using transportation provided by the School District. The bus driver is not only responsible for the bus, but has complete authority to control the conduct of the bus passengers while in transit. All students will follow instructions issued by the driver. If any time, in the judgment of the driver, a pupil fails to follow instructions and is in violation of any of the "Bus Rules for Students," the driver will issue a bus violation ticket or a written warning completely filled out. A student receiving a violation or warning must have the ticket signed by one of their parents, signed and dated by their building administrator, and then present it to the bus driver before the pupil will be readmitted as a regular passenger on the bus.

In addition to the Student Code of Conduct, the following rules are important to the safe operation of the school bus and will be enforced consistent with the Code of Conduct and the provisions of MCLA Section 380.1311, as amended. Any infractions of these rules will result in suspension of riding privileges for a minimum of five days. A second violation of any one of these rules will result in suspension for not less than ten days. Thereafter, repeated violations and penalties will be determined on an individual basis by the Building administrator and Transportation Supervisor, but result in not less than a fifteen-day (15) suspension.

  • Students are forbidden to do anything that is detrimental to the health and safe transportation of all passengers and driver. Examples: lighting matches, firecrackers, coughing/sneezing powder, incense burning, spraying of any substance in an aerosol can and harassment of the driver.
  • Students are forbidden to throw any objects within the bus, out of the bus, at the bus or the bus driver.
  • Students are forbidden to hold onto the outside of the bus in any manner.
  • Students are not permitted to use tobacco, alcohol, or narcotics in any form on the bus.
  • Students will not mutilate or deface the bus in any manner.
  • Students will refrain from fighting while aboard the bus.
  • Students will never use the emergency door except in the case of an emergency.
  • Students are forbidden to use loud or profane language toward the bus driver.
  • Students will keep heads and arms inside the bus at all times.
  • Students will not tamper with any mechanism or switches on the bus, including the door.

The following rules are not of as serious nature as the preceding list, but are still important to the safe and efficient operation of the bus and will be adhered to by all passengers. Any infraction of these rules will result in a written warning. A student who receives a written warning will be talked to by an administrator and the parent notified. Only one written warning will be issued, thereafter, violation tickets will be issued. Violations issued for infractions of these rules will be judged by the building administrator and/or the Transportation Supervisor.

  • Make sure bus is stationary.
  • After leaving the bus, go in front of the bus, within sight of the driver.
  • On signal from the driver or personal escort, look both to the right and the left and, if safe, proceed across the highway in front of the bus.
  • Walk (do not run) in front of the bus when crossing the road.
  • Students will not litter the bus at anytime.
  • Students will refrain from scuffling aboard the bus.
  • Students will be seated as directed by the driver
  • Each student upon boarding the bus will locate a seat, sit down and stay in that seat while the bus is in motion.
  • Students will refrain from using loud or profane language to other students.
  • Students will line up at the bus stop off the roadway. When the bus stops, they will file into the bus in an orderly manner. They will not jam the doorway.
  • Students will not put the windows down unless the driver gives permission.
  • Students should not attempt to reserve or save a seat for their friends.
  • Students will not bring animals on the bus. This includes reptiles and pets.
  • Students cannot eat on the bus except in unusual circumstances where eating facilities are not available (i.e., field trips or athletic groups).
  • Students should get on or off the bus at their regular stop. Never ask the driver to make a special, unscheduled stop.

Students will observe the following rules if it is necessary to cross the road after leaving the bus:

  • Make sure bus is stationary.
  • After leaving the bus, go in front of the bus, within sight of the driver.
  • On signal from the driver or personal escort, look both to the right and the left and, if safe, proceed across the highway in front of the bus.
  • Walk (do not run) in front of the bus when crossing the road.
  • Students will not litter the bus at anytime.
  • Students will refrain from scuffling aboard the bus.
  • Students will be seated as directed by the driver.

The Waterford School District is accepting applications for the following positions:

Bus Driver | Up to $20.40/hour
Flexible schedules. No experience necessary. Training class will be conducted.

Bus AIde | $12.00/hour

Applications must be submitted online via the District website at Click on employment

CDL Training provided throughout the year. Flexible schedules, competitive benefits package. Applicants must pass background check, physical exam and drug test. 

If you have questions please contact Transportation at 248.674.2692.

Applications must be submitted online.

Employment Applications

If you have questions please contact Transportation at 248.674.2692.


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