Attendance, Conduct & Courses

The Waterford School District is dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive learning environment for all students. The school community (students, staff, parents, school board, and community members) must assume a responsible role for promoting behavior that enhances academic and social success. Respectful and responsible behavior fosters a positive climate for the learning community.

Schools must be free of disruptions that interfere with teaching and learning at school and during school-related activities and events. Therefore, school officials have the authority to regulate student conduct at school, school-related settings, and where the conduct creates a substantial risk of disruption to the educational process or to an orderly school environment.

Discipline procedures are necessary in order to protect the rights of each member of the school community. Therefore, effective student discipline can only be achieved through cooperation and a shared commitment among the school community. The Student Code of Conduct has been designed to establish student responsibilities and expectations.