School Selection

The Waterford School District believes that parents should have the opportunity to provide educational opportunities for their student, including making the decision on which school or school district to attend. In Waterford, there are two different options:

  1. School Selection - for district residents

  2. Schools of Choice - for non-district residents

Waterford SD Residents School Selection

Parents, who reside within the Waterford School District boundaries, may complete a request form for the transfer of their child to another school building. The request will be accepted depending on space availability. Available seats will be reviewed the next school day after deadline.

The School District will make every effort to communicate the options available to parents and students so that school selection may be based on educational criteria. Students and parents can be assured that high educational expectations, common learning outcomes and quality will be found at any Waterford School they attend.

We offer the same educational program in all of the elementary schools, in all of the middle and high schools. We realize, however, that each child is unique and that learning styles can and do differ. In order for each child to be successful in learning, the educational program offered in elementary, middle and high schools provides different methods of instruction, materials and schedules.

Transportation is provided to children living within the attendance areas of their designated school. Students enrolled in Schools of Choice and School Selection must provide their own transportation.

School Selection Application


Director, Instructional Services & Data

Elizabeth Kutchey
Kurzman Administration Services, Crary Campus


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