Summer Programming

WSD Summer Learning 2021

As we close this school year, we invite all students in grades JK-8 to continue their academic progress through engaging with the digital learning options that Waterford Schools is providing to all learners, all summer. Students who were issued District devices will be able to continue to use them all summer for this purpose. Please review the WSD Summer Learning 2021 flyer that is embedded with direct links to Successmaker and Lexia Core5 for grades JK-4, and Successmaker and PowerUp for grades 5-8. We are excited to afford students these options to accelerate their learning in both mathematics and literacy from home all summer! Please note that there is a HELP link at the bottom of the flyer if you need assistance. Have a great summer and please be sure to visit the Sweet Reads Van!

WSD 2021 Summer Learning - JK-8th Grade Students