Waterford Foundation

The Waterford Foundation, established in 1984, is proud to proclaim it has an endowment just over $2,000,000. Foundation trustees, volunteers, sponsors, and patrons have raised or donated money for many worthy projects within Waterford School District.

The Foundation exists to promote and recognize excellence in teaching and learning. The trustees serve with no compensation or perks, receiving only the satisfaction of volunteer service. Funding supports teacher and student recognition events such as the grant program for Waterford School District Staff, Select Fifty for high school seniors, scholarships for high school seniors, and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award and Reception.


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Grayson Elementary Teacher Sue Case Named 2002 Teacher of the Year

Waterford Foundation Select Fifty | Kettering Honorees

Bottom Row (left to right)

Brooke Strahan, Naomi Hilliard, Savanagh Labo, Tessa Montney Gracie Summerford, Destiny McDonald, Alexis Bellamy, Carmella Cortes, Brenna Hayward

Second Row (left to right)

Counselor Ashley Hudson, Zane Grant, Chloe Wall, Madesyn Hasting, Emily Nuttall, Halie Hoosier, Jessie Guillen, Egan Stieber, Principal Ben Harwood, Francisco Lopez

Third Row (left to right)

Dillon Ho, Christopher Sanford, Matthew Hays, Sam Burch, Charlie Richards

Back Row (left to right) Wahmu Himie-Dennis, Logan Van Sicklen, Himdeh Himie-Dennis

Waterford Foundation Select Fifty | Mott Honorees

Front Row Sitting (left to right)

Giselle Figueroa, Bethany Goss, Cassidy Watts, Taniyah Muskeyvalley, Abby Stauber, Delaney Carnes, Kristen D’Anna, Diana Coggeshall, Katelyn Aiello

Second Row, (left to right)

Abigail Thomas, Mirabella Ziegler, Bella Mersino

Third Row, (left to right)

Brian Henry, Seth Todd, Logan Bride, C.J. Aldred, Griffin Johnson, Daniel Keiser, Ethan Collins, Matthew Sullivan, Sam McGee, Counselor Mrs. Wasilk, Principal Mr. Blomquist

(Stairs, bottom to top)

Juan-Luis Gutierrez, Brennan Morales, Solomon Swayne, Martin Zuniga

Waterford Foundation Golf Outing Scheduled

Mary Lou Simmons Performing Arts Experience Brought The Sound of Music to Waterford Students


Presenting Sponsors

French & Associates

Barton Malow

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Vibe Credit Union

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M3 Investment Services

Bronze Sponsors

Dr. Jim & Lori Stepanski

Tom & Gail Wiseman

Michigan United Credit Union 



Upcoming Events

Waterford Foundation for Public Education
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Board of Directors

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Margie Gobler, Treasurer  send email
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John Himmelspach, President  send email
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Kathy Krause  send email
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Ruth Schluchter  send email
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Sue Austin, Vice President  send email
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Lori Stepanski, Correspondence Secretary  send email
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Thomas Wiseman  send email
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