Kettering High School

Kettering Performing ArtsWelcome to Performing Arts for Kettering High School. We strive to provide students real-life experiences in exploring their talents, discovering their passion and learning from dedicated professionals, setting the stage for rewarding and productive futures for all our performing arts students.

Students are given opportunities to explore their performing arts passions through band, choir, orchestra and theatrical productions.


The Kettering Bands have the following opportunities for student involvement:

  • Concert Bands
    • Wind Symphony [Course Title: Advanced Concert Band]
    • Wind Ensemble [Course Title: Honors Concert Band]
  • Jazz Bands
    • Jazz Lab  [Course Title: Advanced Jazz Band]
    • Jazz Ensemble  [Course Title: Honors Jazz Band]
  • The Marching Captains
    • Drumline
    • Color Guard
  • Pep Band

For more information about the Waterford Kettering Bands, please visit the Band Website or contact Laura Zilhaver

The Kettering Choirs have the following opportunities for student involvement:

  • Treble Chorus (PV-1301)
    • Beginning treble voice ensemble made up of mainly freshman.
  • Concert Choir (PV-1291)
    • SATB mixed voice ensemble made up of sophomores, juniors and seniors.
  • Treble Select (Harmonia) (PV-1431)
    • Auditioned, advanced ensemble for treble voices. Made up of mainly upperclassmen.
  • Chamber Singers (PV-1301)
    • Auditioned, advanced SATB mixed ensemble. Made up of upperclassmen.

For more information about the Waterford Kettering Choirs, please visit the Choir Website or contact Courtney Laird.

The Kettering Orchestras offers students the following ensembles/classes:

  • Philharmonic Orchestra [Course Title: Orchestra/HPV 1401]
  • Symphony Orchestra [Course Title: Advanced Orchestra/HPV 1411]
  • Chamber Orchestra [Course Title: Honors Orchestra/HPV2401]

For more information about the Waterford Kettering Orchestras, please contact Merlyn Beard.

Waterford Kettering and Troupe #2244 Student Opportunities:

  • Theatre Arts 1 - Introduction to Theatre (PV-1151)
    • Full Year - 1 PAVA credit
  • Theatre Arts 2 - Acting (PV-1161)
    • Semester - 1/2 PAVA credit
  • Theatre Arts 3 - Advanced Acting & Directing (PV-1171)
    • Semester - 1/2 PAVA credit
  • International Thespian Society - Troupe #2244
  • Waterford Kettering Drama Club
    • This is the extra-curricular portion of the Kettering Theatre Program. Each year the WKDC performs one musical and two non-musical productions.

For more information about the Waterford Kettering Theatre Department, please visit the WKDC website, following WKDrama on all social media or contact Jason Pratt.


Jason Pratt
K-12 Coordinator of Performing Arts / Director of Theatre

Laura Zilhaver
Director of Bands

Courtney Laird
Director of Choirs

Merlyn Beard
Director of Orchestras