Kettering High School

The Kettering Bands have the following opportunities for student involvement:

  • Concert Bands
    • Wind Symphony [Course Title: Advanced Concert Band]
    • Wind Ensemble [Course Title: Honors Concert Band]
  • Jazz Bands
    • Jazz Lab  [Course Title: Advanced Jazz Band]
    • Jazz Ensemble  [Course Title: Honors Jazz Band]
  • The Marching Captains
    • Drumline
    • Color Guard
  • Pep Band

For more information about the Waterford Kettering Bands, go to this website:

Kettering Chorus

Beginning level ensemble for students made up mostly of underclassmen.

Concert Choir

Large mixed intermediate choir made up mostly of upper classmen.
Auditioned group.


Ensemble made up entirely of ladies.
Auditioned group.

Chamber Choir

Small mixed advance group made up of mostly upper classmen.
Auditioned group.

Please contact Courtney Laird for more information.

The Kettering Orchestras offers students the following ensembles/classes:

  • Philharmonic Orchestra [Course Title: Orchestra/HPV 1401]
  • Symphony Orchestra [Course Title: Advanced Orchestra/HPV 1411]
  • Chamber Orchestra [Course Title: Honors Orchestra/HPV2401]

Information coming Soon


Director of Bands
R. Scott Adkins

Director of Choirs
Courtney Laird

Director of Orchestras
Merlyn Beard