Pool & Fitness Center

July Cleaning and Maintance Week

The Mott Pool and Fitness Center will be closed Monday July 29th - Saturday August 3rd for our annual cleaning and maintenance week.

The Kettering pools will be open for public use during this time. 



The Waterford Pool & Fitness Center is your recreation & fitness community center. We offer a welcoming, supportive environment with people who are interested in recreation, fitness, and enjoyment. Our Fitness Studio is also available for your use and offers a variety of land fitness classes. Annual and three month memberships are available and include complimentary land and water group fitness classes, wellness classes, and access to our wellness coordinator.

Indoor walking track hours: Monday-Friday 5:30am-7:00am  Saturdays 7am-2:30pm and Sundays 9am-2:30pm. Hours are subject to change without notice. In order to access the track you MUST sign-in and sign-out and show proper identification. 


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Mott Pool Hours

  • Monday through Friday 5:30 am - 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm 
  • Saturday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm 
  • Sunday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm 

Mott Fitness Center hours

  • Monday through Friday 5:30 am - 8:00 pm 
  • Saturday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm 
  • Sunday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm 

Fitness Studio

Opens fifteen minutes before a scheduled class.

Kettering Pool for rental use only.

Locations Map

Pool and Fitness Center Locations Map Waterford Area Map


The Waterford Pool & Fitness Centers are your recreation & fitness community centers. We offer a welcoming, supportive environment with people who are interested in recreation, fitness, and enjoyment. 


The Waterford Pool & Fitness Centers offer a competitive lap pool with eight lanes, 25 yards x 25 meters; a leisure pool with jets for resistance swimming; and a 2,175 square foot fitness center with treadmills, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, elliptical machines, rowing machine and Selectorized weight equipment. Our facilities also offer:

  • Family Locker Rooms
  • Swim Lessons
  • Water Fitness Classes
  • Land Fitness Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Studio 

Water Aerobics Schedule 


  • 8:00a Aquacise w/ Val
  • 9:15a Aquacise w/ Val
  • 6:45p Aquafit w/ Mona


  • 9:00a Deepwaves w/ Val
  • 10:15a Arthritis w/ Val
  • 5:30p Aquafit w/Cynde
  • 6:45p Aquafit w/Cynde


  • 8:00a Aquacise w/Val or Diana
  • 9:15a Aquacise w/Val or Diana


  • 9:00a Deepwaves
  • 10:15 Arthritis w/Diana 
  • 5:30p Aquafit w/Cynde
  • 6:45p Aquafit w/Cynde


  • 8:00a Aquacise w/Diana
  • 9:15a Aquacise w/Diana


  • 11:00a Aquabata w/Cynde

Water Aerobics Classes 


This class is geared toward those who are severely affected by joint pain. It will aide in decreasing pain, ease the stress of gravity on the joints and increase flexibility. This is a low impact, low intensity class.

AQUACISE Instructional Pool Age 18+

This class incorporates a variety of exercises to get you moving: cardio, strengthening, and stretching provides a whole-body workout.  Uses equipment such as noodles, and hand weights. LOW TO MODERATE INTENSITY

AQUABATA Instructional Pool Age 18+

Tabata is a HIIT Class (High Intensity Interval Training) of 20 seconds’ high intensity and 10 second active resting. This challenging cardio workout is good for a variety of fitness levels and exercises can be modified to suit your abilities. This workout is designed to burn calories and increase endurance.  HIGH INTENSITY

DEEP WAVES Competitive Pool Age 18+

Powerful movements combine with no impact for a challenging but gentle workout. Excellent whole body workout will keep you moving the entire class. Equipment may include flotation belts, noodles, cuffs, and barbells. You should be confident and comfortable working in deeper water (up to 14ft). MODERATE INTENSITY

AquaFit Age 18+

A variety of different class formats will keep it fresh and fun! Classes will challenge you as you focus on cardio, balance, endurance, power and targeted muscle groups. A great way to try many different types of water exercise at once! Will utilize various equipment. MODERATE TO HIGH INTENSITY


 Studio Classes

Studio Schedule


  • 9:00a Fit & Fabulous 2 w/Barb
  • 10:15a Restorative Yoga w/Melinda
  • 11:30 Cardio Drumming w/Katy 
  • 5:30p  Pilates Mat Mix w/Jannan 
  • 6:30p Movement & Muscle  w/Jessie
  • 7:15p Ballet @ the Barre w/Jessie


  • 9:00a Fit and Fab 1 w/Barb
  • 10:15a Pilates Mat Mix w/Barb
  • 11:30a Chair Yoga w/Jannan  
  • 4:30p Cardio Drumming w/Karen 
  • 5:30p Barre 360 w/Lauryn
  • 6:30 Sweaty & Strong Circuit w/Katy
  • 7:30 Mindful Yoga w/Melinda 


  • 9:00a Fit and Fab 3 w/Barb
  • 10:15a Yoga Flow w/Yanee
  • 11:30a EveryBODY w/Katy 
  • 5:15p Zumba w/Melissa
  • 6:15p Strong Core 50/50 w/Jannan 
  • 7:15 Chair Yoga w/Jen 


  • 9:00a Fit and Fab1 w/Katy
  • 10:15a Yoga Energy w/Kristin NEW CLASS 
  • 5:15p Cardio Drumming w/Vikki
  • 6:15p Toned & Tuned Yoga w/Jen


  • 9:30a Yoga Sculpt w/Yanee 
  • 10:30a Yin Yoga Flow w/Yanee 
  • 11:45a Balance & Beautiful w/Katy 


  • 8:30a Barre 360 w/Jannan 
  • 9:30a Cardio Drumming w/Karen 
  • 10:30a Mindful Yoga w/Melinda 

Class schedule changes and/or instructors will occur occasionally. The Waterford Fitness Studio reserves the right to cancel any group class due to ongoing low attendance, inability to secure a substitute due to illness or emergency, or inclement weather conditions. We reserve the right to limit class size due to safety concerns. Those classes, if limited, will be regulated on a first-come basis. The age requirement to attend Studio is 16.


                                            Class Descriptions:

                                  BEGINNER FRIENDLY CLASSES

Balanced & Beautiful

This gentle 45 minute class will incorporate the use of a chair for seated exercises or as a prop for standing exercises to increase joint stability, balance& flexibility. Also, featuring mindful palates & yoga poses to release tension.

Chair Yoga

Yoga is for every body! This class allows for those who prefer to sit in a chair to practice and get the same benefits as traditional floor yoga. Practicing stretching, movement and breathing techniques to help strengthen muscles, open joints, increase flexibility and relieve stress. Com join us for 45 minutes of body, mind and soul care.


Welcoming anyone and everyone at any level of fitness to this fun, supportive and non-intimidating total body workout using a chair, and different equipment to improve cardio and muscular strength, coordination and flexibility.This class does not go to the floor. Bring water.

Fit & Fab Level 1

This class will increase strength & balance, improve bone density, cardio, flexibility, and quicken reaction time. This class is performed partially in a chair, followed by standing movements with modifications given.

Mindful Yoga  

Involves long, passive holds in restful poses  using props to achieve a state of the total relaxation and release. There is also a special emphasis on breath & meditation for stress reduction. Bring a Mat.

Toned & Tuned Yoga  

While focusing on the mind-body-breath connection, this class will combine a yoga flow with resistance exercise using equipment to increase strength, stability and flexibility. This class will also include meditation practices for  stress release. Come on in and get your body toned and your soul tuned. Bring a mat.

Yin Yoga Flow

The main focus of this class is calming the mind and targeting the body's connective issues in order to regulate the body's flow of energy and promote balance and flexibility.This is a slow paced practice focusing on meditation, reducing stress and creating stillness. Bring a mat. **In the week of a full moon, you can enjoy a relaxing and healing sound bath at the end of your practice** Sound bath dates 4/26, 5/17, 6/21, 7/19

                                       MEDIUM INTENSITY CLASSES

New!!! Ballet @ the Barre w/Jessie

Focusing on techniques and steps of classical ballet, this workout will not only strengthen, elongate and stretch the body, but will emphasize proper alignment, stability and balance. Find your inner ballerina and leave feeling empowered, poised and strong. Bring ballet slippers, socks with grips or tennis shoes. 


Exercise in disguise! This fun class will keep you moving to a great variety of music while improving your cardio, balance, and coordination skills. This class is low impact, it can be performed standing or seated and will not go to the floor. Bring water.

Fit & Fab Level 2

This class will increase strength & balance, improve bone density, cardio, flexibility, and quicken reaction time. This class is performed standing and uses several different types of equipment. This class does not go to the floor. 


This class will cover basic Pilate’s moves blending the use of strength equipment. Incorporating a full body workout utilizing strength, balance and core work. All are welcome to this challenging class, and  modifications always suggested. Bring mat and water.

Yoga Energy 

This class involves moving from one pose to the next while connecting to the breath in a slow pace to become stronger, more flexible, improve balance and reduce stress with this energizing meditation. Bring a Mat.


This Latin inspired international dance fitness class is designed to boost your cardio, coordination, balance and flexibility. You'll have so much fun that you won't even feel like you're exercising! All levels are welcome. This class does NOT go to the floor.


                                            ADVANCED CLASSES


Movement & Muscle

This fun cardio + strength class for the summer will help you to dance the night away while combining elements of LaBlast, Jazz, & Cardio Dance to improve coordination, focus and balance. Also working to increase lower core strengthen & muscle mass by using different type of resistance equipment. Bring a mat.


Meet us at the Barre to sculpt your lower body and gluts.  Tone your upper body with exercises using light weights or bands. Strengthen your core with some mat work on the floor. Bring a mat and water.

  • Fit & Fab Level 3

This class will increase strength & balance, improve bone density, cardio, flexibility, and quicken reaction time. Alternating cardio and strength movements. Finishing on the floor to improve core strength. Bring Mat. 


This exciting class will focus on upper and lower body strength training movements for half of the class. Followed by core work for the remaining half using different equipment and style of exercise on the floor. Bring a mat and water.

Sweaty & Strong Circuit

This class will feather different exercise stations every week using unique equipment such as battle rope, kettle bell, barbell, or Bosu ball to increase strength , agility, cardio and mobility. Bring a mat.

Yoga Sculpt

Challenge yourself with a steady flow of poses using weights or band to strengthen your body, improve your balance, increase your flexibility and focus on breath control. This class will leave you feeling strong & rejuvenated. Bring a mat.

Classes that do not go to the floor:

Balanced & Beautiful, Cardio Drumming, Chair Yoga, EveryBODY Fitness, Fit & Fab 1 and 2, Zumba

If you are concerned about limitations or your ability to perform in the class, arrive a little early so you can discuss this with the instructor.



Membership Information

When you become a member of our Pool & Fitness Centers you have access to a variety of amenities including complimentary land and water group fitness classes, wellness classes, access to our fitness and wellness coordinator who will provide support and instruction. It also includes a guided tour and a personalized health & wellness assessment (18 and older).

Join today! No initiation fees. No cancelation fees.

Membership Application
Membership Rates
House Rule



Insurance Based Memberships

Our facility partners with multiple programs that work with insurance companies, that will cover costs associated with your membership. The programs we have partnerships with are: Silver Sneakers, Renew Active, Silver and Fit, Active and Fit and FitOn. To check your eligibility please contact your insurance company. If you would like more information about these programs please call us at 248-674-6360, or email Morgan at ratlim01@wsdmi.org

Senior Special

Monday through Friday, come use the pool or fitness center during the hours of 5:30 am - 12:00 pm for a reduced rate of only $2.75. ages 60 yrs and older


Parent and Tot Swim

On Friday during the hours of 8:00 am - 12:00 pm,  1 Adult swims for half price ($3.50) when accompanied by a child 4 and under.


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