Career Pathways

The Waterford School District believes that career planning is essential and critical for the success of every student.  Information is being made available to educate and inform the community on the activities and processes that are in place to bring Career Focused Education activities to students in the Waterford School District.

Many students are confused and uncertain as to what career might be best suited to their interests and academic goals.  As a student in the Waterford School District you will be introduced to the six Michigan Career Pathways which is part of Michigan's Career Preparation System.

Career Pathways assists students to see the relationship between academic classes such as math, science and its significance in career preparation.  To learn about the relevance of taking Math, Science, English and Social Studies classes and how it relates to various careers in each one of the Michigan Career Pathways, click on the links below:

Michigan Career Pathways

These six pathways are clustered around careers with common areas of interests, skills and abilities, but are diverse in their training and education requirements. The Career Pathways program offers students flexibility in making their career choices. If for example, the student discovers after some exploration and experiencing that that the pathway they have chosen is not right for them, they may begin exploring in another pathway. All courses including required course, will be aligned with Career Pathways, allowing students to work toward their graduation requirements while offering the opportunity to take electives related to their chosen pathway. Career Pathways is designed to simplify and enhance the process of choosing a career.

For additional information, visit Career, Education & Workplace Programs.

Each student will initiate and complete an Education Development Plan (EDP).  The Waterford School District utilizes Career Cruising in order to facilitate this process.  The creation of an EDP documents an ongoing process starting in the middle school until completion of high school.

Using an EDP promotes learning a decision making process and provides a connection between education and how it is applied in the world of work.

Explore Career Cruising

Arts & Communications
Careers related to the humanities and to the performing, visual, literary and media arts.  These may include creative or technical writing, illustrating, graphic designing, publishing, theatre arts, journalism, languages, radio and television broadcasting, photography, advertising and public relations.  Specific examples include artists, journalists, interior designers, musicians, photographers, and theater technicians.

This pathway includes architecture; graphic, interior and fashion design; writing; film; fine arts; journalism; languages; media; advertising; public relations; and music.

Questions to think about:

Are you a creative thinker?
Are you imaginative, innovative, and original?
Do you like to communicate ideas, work with audio, visual, graphic, or written media arts?
Do you actively seek opportunities for self-expression?

Business Management, Marketing & Technology
Careers related to all aspects of business including accounting, business administration, finance, information processing, and marketing.  These may include entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, hospitality and tourism, computer/information systems, finance, accounting, office administration, personnel, economics, and management.  Specific examples include accountants, business managers, salespersons, buyers, computer network administrators, secretaries and stock analysts.

This pathway includes entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, computer/information systems, finance, accounting, personnel, economics and management.

Questions to think about:

Do you like to work with numbers or ideas?
Are you able to write and speak well to communicate ideas to others?
Do you enjoy being a leader, organizing people, planning events, or working with numbers or ideas?
Do you enjoy carrying through with an idea and seeing the end product?
Do you like things neat and orderly?
Do you like operating computers or other business machines?

Engineering, Manufacturing & Technology
Careers in this path are related to technologies necessary to design, develop, install, and maintain physical systems.  These may include architecture, precision production, mechanics and repair, manufacturing technology, engineering and related technologies, drafting, and construction.

This career pathway includes engineering, manufacturing, construction, and related technologies.

Questions to think about:

Are you mechanically inclined and practical?
Do you like reading diagrams and blueprints, and drawing building structures?
Are you curious about how things work?
Would you enjoy painting a house, repairing cars, wiring electrical circuits, or woodworking?

Health Sciences
Careers related to the promotion of health as well as the treatment of injuries, conditions, and disease.  These may include medicine, dentistry, nursing, therapy and rehabilitation, nutrition, fitness and hygiene, public health, and veterinary science.  Specific examples include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, health facility administrators, dental assistants, veterinarians, physical therapists, and medical technicians.

This pathway includes education, government, law and law enforcement, leisure and recreation, military, religion, childcare, social services and personal (beauty) services.

Questions to think about:

Do you like to care for people or animals who are sick or help them stay well?
Are you interested in disease and in how the body works?
Do you enjoy reading about science and medicine?

Human Services
Careers in child care, civil service, education, hospitality, and the social services.  These may include law and legal studies, law enforcement, public administration, child and family services, and social services.  Specific examples include postal workers, police officers, lawyers, teachers, counselors, school administrators, fire fighters, clergy, and social workers.

This pathway includes education, government, law and law enforcement, leisure and recreation, military, religion, childcare, social services and personal (beauty) services.

Questions to think about:

Do you like to care for people or animals who are sick or help them stay well?
Are you interested in disease and in how the body works?
Do you enjoy reading about science and medicine?

Natural Resources & Agriscience
Careers related to natural resources, agriculture and the environment.  These may include agriculture, earth sciences, environmental sciences, fisheries management, forestry, horticulture, wildlife management, and many agri-business/agri-industry occupations.  Specific examples include environmentalists, turf grass managers, farmers, landscape architects, plant scientists, marine biologists, and agricultural equipment mechanics.

This pathway includes agricultural sciences, earth sciences, environmental sciences, fisheries, forestry, horticulture and wildlife.

Questions to think about:

Are you a nature lover?
Are you practical, curious about the physical world, and interested in plants and animals?
Do you like being physically active?
Do you like to observe, learn, investigate, or solve problems?
Are you interested in protecting the environment?