Kettering Counseling Department

Mission Statement
Our counseling department seeks to ensure every student achieves the highest possible education in the areas of academics, career and college planning, and personal/social development through a collaborative partnership with students, family, school and community. 

Phone:  248.673.1264

Counselors & Office Staff

Rachel Lane (A-D)

Ashley Hudson (E-Li)

Ken Hembree (Lo-Ro)

Alexis Rogers (Ru-Z)

Bonny Kizzia, Secretary

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Services & Support

Academic Enrichment

  • Schedule Coursework
  • Collaborative with students and teachers
  • Help with academic-related skills such as organization
  • Assist with educational goal-setting

College & Career Planning

  • Administer career planning program
  • Assist students in creating their post-secondary plan
  • Help with college applications
  • Provide information/resources regarding scholarships and financial aid

Personal/Social Development

  • Provide individual counseling
  • Provide group counseling
  • Help students establish personal goals
  • Help students learn strategies and techniques to use throughout their personal/social and academic life


  • FAFSA Step-by-Step Guide that walks students and families through each question of the FAFSA, including screenshots and explanations and a FAQ page for students with special circumstances. Here is the link

9th Grade

  • High School Transition
  • Freshman Parent Orientation (February)
  • Four Year Plan (EDP)/Career Cruising (March/April)
  • PSAT Testing (October)
  • Pre-Enrollment/Course Selection (February/March)
  • Honors Convocation (June)

10th Grade

  • Four Year Plan Review (March/April)
  • Transcript Review
  • Pre-enrollment Course Selection
  • PSAT Testing (October)
  • Honors Convocation (June)

11th Grade

  • PSAT Testing (October)
  • SAT/ACT State Assessments (April)
  • Four Year Plan Review (March/April)
  • Transcript Review (February/March)
  • Pre-enrollment Course Selection
  • Honors Convocation (June)

12th Grade

  • SAT/ACT Testing/Make-ups
  • College and Career Guidance
  • Graduation Credit Review Transcript
  • Financial Aid Night (January)
  • Scholarship/Military Information
  • Post High School Transition
  • Honors Convocation (May)

Counseling News

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