Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Kettering High School!

We look forward to your joining the Kettering learning community, and we are excited to lead your educational journey, along multiple pathways. 

We believe in a Growth Mindset, value creativity, reward hard work and celebrate determination. We are proud to provide you a talented and dedicated crew of classroom leaders and a staff who serves with compassion and strives to meet the needs of all learners. 

We encourage you seek challenges within our rigorous curriculum, find opportunities for engagement in the arts, join our outstanding student leadership programs, and to become a Captain on the field.

Together, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals, build Captain Pride, and find lasting success.

It is our privilege to serve *you* and the Kettering learning community. We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with you in your education – and look forward to exceeding our shared expectations!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Captain!

Kind regards,

Ben Harwood



High School Assistant Principal

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