MASC/MAHS Membership & Participation

MASC MAHS Michigan Student LeadershipOrganization Overview & Membership
Kettering is an active member of one of the most successful student leadership organizations across the nation. The MASC/MAHS organization gives students a wide array of strategies for personal and academic leadership growth, training, activity involvement, opportunities to connect with students from schools around the state of Michigan, fundraising for charity, and leadership opportunities at a variety of events. The tools needed to be a successful leader are found in so many diverse areas of this organization. MASC/MAHS is broken into centers from around Michigan.
Kettering is a member of Center 12.

Elite Programming
MASC/MAHS offers a diverse set of programming options to capitalize on becoming the best leaders. As a member school, we place heavy focus in the following areas/events:

Kettering Student Council & Leadership Recognition & Awards

Award of Excellence (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

Exceptional Service Project (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

Tonya Charity Award (2020)

Star School (2015, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)

Best in Showcase (2018)

Regional Connect Host (2018)

Our Unsung Heroes

  • 2021: Austin Malega
  • 2020: Madison Ellis
  • 2019: Sierra Spencer
  • 2018: Jennifer Gilbert
  • 2017: Alexis Storeng
  • 2016: Rachel Strong
  • 2015: Morgan Ratliff


LTI LogoLeadership Trainings Focus On:

  • Group dynamics
  • Communication techniques
  • Managing groups more effectively
  • Resources on event planning
  • Team building
  • Soft skills
  • Time management for your entire team
  • And many more leadership concepts geared toward starting your new members off on the right foot!

Leadership Training Institute:  Primarily for grades 9-10; Typically October/November trip ($45)
Invitations will be sent out in the fall.
Designed to introduce NEW students to student activities (Student Council, Honor Society, or other groups) to the world of student leadership. We will focus on group dynamics, communication technique, team building, and other basic concepts to have your group starting new members off on the right foot. Ideal for those new in groups, student Board of Delegate members will design and present the information to students in an interactive and FUN manner that will not disappoint.


Regional Connect LogoRegional Connect Conferences: All students are encouraged to apply to attend! Typically December or February ($45)

Invitations are sent out a month ahead of the conference. Regional Connect conferences bring together students from all across the state of Michigan to learn and grow from presentations that are completely student driven. Each year MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership partners with host schools across the state to bring our location venues to life with unique themes, student networking, idea sharing sessions, keynotes speakers, leadership curricular activities and of course, student showcase presentations.

Student Showcase Presentations 

Student showcases are the backbone of our Regional Connect programs. Students submit presentations on various topics and programs that are unique to their own school’s mission and share these ideas in breakout sessions to their fellow student leaders. Showcases give our student leaders the chance to present a concept, program, fundraiser, school-wide event, etc. to dozens of others schools at each event. These 40min presentations are designed to give our student audiences all the tools they would need to put this program into action in their own building! Adding to the excitement, the best Regional Showcase presentations will be selected to present at this year’s MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership State Conference!

Presentations range from anti-bullying programs to school spirit initiatives to community service projects - and everything in between.


Charity of the Year
Each year MASC/MAHS Board of Delegates chooses the charity to support. Kettering fundraises this donation from our Winter Charity Week and events. Donations earn us specific recognition at the State Leadership Conference

2019-2020 Charity

The Alliance for the Great Lakes works to protect the Great Lakes for today and tomorrow. We involve tens of thousands of people each year in advocacy, volunteering, education, and research to ensure the lakes are healthy and safe for all. The Alliance for the Great Lakes works out front, and behind the scenes, to protect the lakes.

Recent successes include:

  • Championed federal ban on microbeads in personal care products like face wash and toothpaste, preventing the tiny plastic particles from entering the Great Lakes;
  • Released groundbreaking report calling for permanent separation of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins to prevent inter-basin transfer of Asian carp and other invasive species;
  • Advocated for the historic Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact to keep Great Lakes water in the lakes, and won significant protections for the lakes in the Compact’s first test, a diversion application by Waukesha, Wisc.
  • Won a historic cleanup goal for Lake Erie, which is plagued each year by toxic algal blooms, when the governors of Ohio and Michigan joined the premier of Ontario to commit to a 40% reduction in nutrients into the lake by 2025;
  • Connected nearly 60,000 students with hands-on Great Lakes learning through our Great Lakes In My World curriculum; and
  • Involved nearly 15,000 volunteers in the Adopt-a-Beach program last year, cleaning up beaches, collecting valuable data, and building pride in the Great Lakes.


MASC-MAHS State Student Leadership Conference LogoAnnual State Leadership Conference: All students are encouraged to apply to attend! February/March ($250)
Each year, students from around the State gather in the late winter to connect and build on leadership skills. From new students to those who have attended before this event offers a variety of opportunities to connect with students from around the State of Michigan, collaborate in diverse settings on leadership initiatives, create memories with their own teams and new ones, and share/recognize the hard work Student Councils do all year long. (Please submit a letter interest form if you have an interest in attending this conference)

Recognition & Awards
Each year, Kettering Student Council & Leadership Teams participate by submitting a series of awards which are recognized at the State Conference. They include:

  • Award of Excellence: State’s Top Honor! (Kettering has won 5 consecutive: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Exceptional Service Project: (Kettering has received one each year since 2014)
    Top project that serves the school or community
  • Unsung Hero: Executive Board members recognize a leader who contributes highly to our team, but is not often recognized for it.
  • Star School: For those schools that are highly involved in the organization (Kettering continues to win)
  • Donate to Charity of the Year (Charity Week Proceeds)
  • Regional Connect Host (apply and/or host, attend)

Board of Delegate Candidate(s): We encourage all students in grades 9-11 to run for Board of Delegates! Ask a member how/why!


Were you invited to States? CONFIRM HERE

MASC-MAHS Leadership Camp LogoLeadership Camp: July (typically the last week in July @ Albion College)
Students in grades 9-11 are encouraged to attend a week-long life-changing experience in Leadership Camp. Here, you will connect with friends in schools from across the state of Michigan to learn about yourself, your personal growth and how to grow with other leaders. The mission at the Michigan Summer Leadership Camp is to grow community-minded, self-starting student leaders. We recognize that across the state, students who will take advantage of this opportunity will learn about it from different avenues.  Ask current leadership members about camp today!

Students often say States and Camp change their lives!